My Journey to Health

Friday, August 14, 2015

When I was 21 years old I weighed 122 pounds and never felt better about myself.

Today, I stepped on the scale, at 25 years old, and almost fainted at the sight of 157. I look like crap. I feel like crap. And it's past time to turn this around! I am still young enough to be the healthiest and fittest I have ever been!

I am going to make so many changes! The first change is beginning a fitness routine. I love yoga, but at the moment I only really give about one day a week to it. I want to commit at least 4 days a week to yoga. And at least one day a week to another kind of workout: like barre or weight training.

The next change will be my eating habits. I usually skip breakfast AND lunch, unfortunately. I use the excuse that I am nurse and there just isn't time, but I need to force myself to make time. No wonder my metabolism is almost nonexistent. I will begin eating a great breakfast, a decent lunch, and a no-carb dinner. I am also a daily wine drinker, which I will be replacing with tea!

I have also started Hydroxycut Max for Women to give myself an initial boost. I will update often if I am seeing any results. Other supplements I will begin taking regular (as opposed to were they now sit on top of my fridge...):
-Magnesium: because I tend to get muscle twitches after workouts
-A multi-vitamin: this is easy because I take the tasty gummies
-Fish oil: lots of studies have shown this can aid in fat-burning
-CLA (which is basically safflower oil): which also supposedly can aid in fat burning
-A pro-biotic
-Carnitine (before my workouts)
-A pre-workout (so I CAN'T use "tired" as an excuse

My goals:
-To be a size 4. No weight goals. A size four is what looks and feels best for my body. I don't care what the scale number is to get there. Though, let's be honest here, I would LIKE to see 130 when I step on....
-Splits in yoga!
-Inversions in yoga!

NO MORE EXCUSES. PERIOD. I want a healthy body!

My journey starts now.