Top Ten Tuesday: 2015 Goals

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1.) Read 80 books. The last three years I have averaged in the 60's, so this is a pretty good increase for me.

2.) Very limited book buying! I already have a list of 100 books ready for 2015 and I can only choose my reads this year from that list! 85% of that list is made of books I already own. I can only buy books on that list!

3.) Read a few hours a week... at the gym. My Nook conveniently fits at the top of the tread mill. So I may as well take advantage of that.

4.) Buy a new car. Because, you know, it's just time!

5.) Enjoy my wedding. It's in May. And I resolve to NOT stress of weather, centerpieces, what other people think, etc and just LOVE my wedding day and what it represents!

6.) Don't read it unless I really want to. I am so over wasting time on books I don't love. I am so over not loving reading! I only gave 9 of 66 books a five star rating last year. And maybe only two blew me away to the point I'd re-read. That is SO disappointing.

7.) Keep up with this blog. Find a consistent schedule that works. And find my voice!

8.) Clear out shelf space! Read mostly books I already own then pack up and donate the ones I know I will never really read again! If all goes to plan, in 2016 I will let myself fill those shelves again. :)

9.) Comment on at least three other blogs a day. Every day I read my blog list, I want to engage with at least three other bloggers.

10.) Take care of myself. As in, eat healthier! Take my make-up off every single night. Moisturize. Drink more water. Maybe drop a pant size (but don't stress about it.) Take time for facials. Don't let ALL my nail polish chip off before re-painting. Etc, etc, etc.

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